Regarding Health Insurance Plans

What about my insurance? Do I have a copay?

Almond Tree Counseling Services has partnered with:

Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Massachusetts



Optum Network:
United HealthCare, HarvardPilgrim, Neighborhood HP, Allways-Partners

We accept certain plans of Blue Cross / Blue Shield (PPO/HMO) (we will inquire about the mental health benefits of your plan when you contact us) and we accept MEDICARE Part B with (or without) secondary plans. AETNA Plans are accepted, if they cover behavioral health.

NEW:As our latest addition we accept a wide range of insurance plans managed by the OPTUM Network (former UBH). These include, but are not limited to: United HealthCare - Behavioral Health, Harvard Pilgrim Insurance Plans, Neighborhood HealthCare and Allways-Partners Plans.

At this point in time we are not able to bill other insurance companies directly - but we are working on that - nor do we take responsibility for collecting from your insurance carrier, which has not yet partnered with us. However, upon your request we will provide you with suitable receipts that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Many insurance companies will cover 50% of our fees, depending on your plan benefits. Please contact your insurance company for specific details of your coverage.

The prices of our services in short:

Therapeutic Counseling

$170.00 Initial Assessment

$150.00 Regular Session

Pastoral and Spiritual Accompaniment

$90.00 per hour

$350.00 Official Pastoral Act


Our fee is $170.00 for the initial Assessment Visit and $150.00 per regular visit. All fees are payable at the beginning of each session, except for the partnered insurance carrier beneficiaries, by cash or check (payable to: Almond Tree Counseling Services). Arrangements can be made for the payment of the fee - just ask us! Our fees for collateral visits or consultations (e.g. court, school, medical team) cannot be predetermined and will be discussed with you prior to providing these services.

The fee for spiritual and pastoral accompaniment is $90.00 per hour. Arrangements can be made for official pastoral acts, like a wedding, a funeral service, etc. The fee for such an official pastoral act is $350.00. This includes a preliminary visit to make the necessary arrangements and the pastoral act itself. This does not include any third party fees. Payment cash or check (payable to the officiating clergy).

Please keep in mind that these fees are all-inclusive and that our team members will come to your home to work with you.